Formación Protección de Datos en FOTOCASA

Formación Protección de Datos en FOTOCASA
Compartimos la información del webinar en directo para fotocasa.es sobre Protección de Datos en inmobiliarias que ha impartido hoy 14 de octubre doña Mercedes de Parada, abogada y CEO de LETRADOX.
Gracias Fotocasa por con nosotros una vez más para aportar nuestro conocimiento jurídico en cuestiones relevantes para el mercado inmobiliario.
We share the information about the live webinar for FOTOCASA on Data Protection in real estate that Mercedes de Parada, lawyer, have had the privilege of teaching it today.
Thank you Fotocasa for having us on board once again to provide our legal knowledge on relevant issues for the real estate market.
Cómo adaptar tu empresa a #protecciondedatos :
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Lawyers for international investment in real estate in Spain.

Lawyers for international investment in real estate in Spain.

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In our team we have experienced lawyers of recognized prestige in real estate.

We have been lucky enough to be interviewed, be teachers and collaborate with the most important media, companies and institutions on this matter.

The experience of the lawyer Mrs. Mercedes de Parada is wide, recognized and very prominent since she frequently participates in relation to these matters in the TVE Newscast and the main real estate portals such as Fotocasa and Idealista, talks with companies such as Metrovacesa, ADEVINTA etc.

As an example we attach some links to it. :

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-Some speeches in the Spanish Television Newscast TVE1:



-Legal article in IDEALISTA


-Legal article and course in FOTOCASA





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Lawyers for international investment in real estate in Spain.