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Spain provides multiple ways of business developing, being Tourism, Renewable Energies and High technologies are the main sectors of our economy.

The Covid-19 crisis boosted the digital economy making it easier to set up companies and developing business ideas, opening up the market to brand new strategies and concepts such as teleworking.

In addition, International transactions are a keynote for reaching new opportunities and exploring new markets in Europe and third countries as the United States.

The principal economic areas in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and the Basque Country.

Furthermore, cities such as Malaga are getting more and more important due to the implementation and development of technological projects in these cities.




The United States is well known for being the land of opportunity. Is the global headquarters of business and the economic market, being characteristic of its high political and economic influence.


The new Administration headed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is going to bring up several notorious implementations and measures that are going to positively impact the global and regional economy.

Furthermore, North America is the principal strategic enclave for Audiovisual Projects (Hollywood), finance (Wall Street), and technological business (Silicon Valley).




New business opportunities require effective corporate strategies suitable to each case. Our Corporate and M&A team is expert in these kinds of transactions. Especially our lawyers hold a wide expertise in the following transactions:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisition
  • Setting up several kinds of companies.
  • Restructurings: internal, technological and financially.
  • Splits
  • Corporate transformations
  • Capital increase
  • Capital reduction


Our team analyzes case by case and designs a strategic plan.

Finally, we legally support the execution of these corporate transactions.

We study meticulously the legal framework applied to them.


Concretely they are regulated by the Structural Modifications Of Commercial Companies Act, the Capital Companies


Act and the Mercantile Register Regulations.

Furthermore, if the transaction involves several jurisdictions and States, we study the European

Corporate Law and International treaties, as well as the American Corporate legal framework.


Additional, we offer the following services:




  • Legal advisoring that offers several alternatives of corporate transactions to the same financial situation.
  • Drafting corporate documents (memos, certificates, agreements, communications, etc.).
  • Dealings with institutions (e.g. Commercial Registry) and other agents (notaries, aperators, etc.)
  • Dealings with the School of Notaries to get the Apostille of the Hague for documents that need foreign recognition.
  • Tax analysis of a corporate transaction.
  • Drafting M&A contracts, plus the study of different clauses and their implications: MAC,

warranty, no competency, conflict resolutions, damages, liability, etc.

  • Legal negotiation with the counterparty about the contracts and legal issues of the corporate

transactions, from the first stage to the closing.

  • Legal advisoring about corporate governance, offering a legal strategic plan about these rules

suggested by the authorities.

  • Legal advisoring to entrepreneurs about designing, developing and launching their business

ideas: contracts, company set up, financiation, etc.




Both countries are famously known as traders in different markets. From goods to services, our Commercial department is specialized in the following services:

  1. Drafting all kinds of commercial documents and contracts.
  2. Studio of different commercial transactions.
  3. Study of case law applied to any legal issue.
  4. Knowledge of the legal framework applied to any kind of international payment methods.
  5. Analysis of International treaties applied to each case.
  6. In case that the transaction requires a logistic, supply chain or transport service we study the law and case law applied.




Both countries, Spain and the USA are countries highly specialized in Intellectual Property creation. From Cinema to the Entertainment industry, the Record Industry, and

the high tech sectors.


The digitalization of these sectors obligates the use of several legal techniques oriented to protect intangible assets (e.g. databases).


Last year we launched CINEMALAW®, our exclusive branch dedicated to IP and legal issues related to arts. We created CINEMALAW ® to strengthen our IP department.


Investing in the Spanish entertainment industry is such an outstanding opportunity due to the wide varieties of funds and aid provided by the Instituto de Cine y Artes Visuales ( hereinafter , “ ICAA ”).

Furthermore, we study and advise about cinema projects in the United States, where we already have several clients (Los Angeles).


At LETRADOX ® Lawyers we do believe in the important link between the Entertainment Industry and the Law World. For that reason we have signed several covenants with Cinema and Producers associations. Recently we signed an agreement with AGAPI (Asociación gallega de

productoras independientes).


  • Previous legal advisoring of the beginning of the co-production.
  • We help you cope with all formalities before the ICAA,
  • Drafting of the co-production contract and the analysis of the different clauses that may be

included in it.

  • Legal negotiation with the counterpart from the beginning to the closing of the operation.
  • Tax analysis of the co-production.
  • Intellectual Property advisoring related to co-production.
  • Drafting of all kinds of contracts of productions and co-productions in connection with creative,

artistic and technical staff, and also with technical industries.

  • Prejudicial and judicial assistance before the Courts to resolve any issue or controversy related to

an audiovisual project.

  • Formalities before public and private institutions for the sake of obtaining all the documents

required to pass the ICAA exam.

  • Legal advisory to actors about contracts, IP and tax affairs.




Globalization has developed a World without borders and has stimulated the cross border movements of natural persons and companies who look for new and better opportunities in other countries.

At LETRADOX ® Lawyers we are concerned about this issue and that is why we have design the next line of services:


  • Previous advice of the legal situation of a natural person who desires to settle in another


  • Query resolution.
  • Procurement of the nationality of a natural person.
  • Procurement of temporary and permanent residency.
  • European Union citizen family card.
  • Permanent European Union citizen family card.
  • Golden Visa.
  • European Union citizen certificate.
  • European Union citizen permanent

residency certificate.

  • Management of Permanence in Spain for a

period of no more than 90 days

  • Family reunification.
  • Live and work in Spain.
  • Students: stay for research or training,

student mobility, non-work practices and


  • Residence authorizations for exceptional circumstances. (rooted assumptions
  • Temporary residence of the foreigner who has voluntarily returned to his country.
  • Long-term residence.
  • Return Authorization.
  • Minors.
  • Authorization renewal.
  • Collective management of contracts at source.
  • Authorization for: investors, entrepreneurs, high-qualified workers, researchers.
  • Workers who carry out intra-company movements within the same company or group of





Letradox® Lawyers’ tax team is highly skilled to advise in any tax matter. Concretely our services

involves the following taxes and procedures:

– Corporate Income Tax.

– Personal Income Tax.

– Tax for non-resident (both personal and legal persons).

– Added Value Tax.

– Autonomous communities taxes.

– Local taxes.

– Our tax team studies and designs international strategies, analysing different tax regimes.

– Determination of “red flags” that could affect a tax transaction, both national and international.




The real estate sector is increasingly changing year after year, adapting to customers demands and interests as well as the irruption of digitalization. That’s why at Letradox® Lawyers our main goal is to stay tuned about the new trends of this sector. Our main services in this area are:


  • Legal analysis of the case and the assets involved in it.
  • Strategy for asset deals. Support to the execution of the legal strategy.
  • Real Estate due diligence and Assistance to business expansions.
  • Dealings with the property registers.





At Letradox Lawyers our principal goal is to reach excellence in our services. Transparency and

accompaniment are our core values when it comes to assisting our clients. That’s why we are available 24/7 for them.


Our lawyers are constantly studying the needs of our clients, as well as the new normatives and

regulations. Also, we stay tuned about the brand new trends of the legal and economic market.


For that reason we launched our branch CINEMALAW® to protect creators and their works. A pioneering initiative of our Intellectual Property Department. We advise film and television production companies, audiovisual companies and artists in general.


At LETRADOX Abogados we are always at your disposal, call us at 91 298 00 61 or

 +34 645 958 948 or write to us at

We have already solved cases like yours, now we want to help you.


Enter and find out how we can help you.

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